Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reception Candlelight

Colin Cowie explains "Remember to use LOTS of candles – not only do they add great ambiance- but they make everyone look young and fabulous!"  http://www.colincowieweddings.com/the-galleries/wedding-lighting/candles

Colin Cowie Weddings

Colin Cowie Weddings

This is something I recommend to all brides! No matter what you are using for table decor at your reception, adding candles is a great way to add a little something extra for a small cost.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grand Love A-Faire

We recently participated in the Grand Love A-Faire Bridal Show at the Grand Manse, here are a few things we did for the show. We chose a color palate of coral, pink and navy using big monestara leaves and flat fern to give a tropical feel.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Big Day Is Over.... What to do with your flowers!

The #wedding day is over - so what will you do with all the gorgeous flowers? We've got some ideas for you to consider right here: http://ow.ly/tVHko

Flowers by Something New Floral Design

The Covent Garden Academy Of Flowers share their four top-tips for saving your big-day blooms

Want to save your wedding flowers after the big day has passed? Ruth Davis from the Covent Garden Academy Of Flowers shares her top tips for keeping your bouquet intact.

1. Hang your flowers upside down

We’ve all done it with single stemmed roses that we’ve received from our first loves - and it does work to a certain extent! It’s really easy and cheap to do, too, which is great after you've spent all your pennies on the big day. There is no fancy way to hang the flowers: just take a piece of string or wire, tie it around your bouquet and then hang it upside down in a cool, dark place (a cupboard or wardrobe would be ideal).

After a few weeks, and once it is totally dry, you can give it a good spray with hair spray to set it in place. The flowers will shrink slightly and their colours will fade, so it will look different to your ‘fresh’ bouquet - but it's the next best thing, and can be kept as a keepsake for years. This technique tends to work best for larger flowers, like hydrangeas or roses. 

2. Press your flowers dry

If you are not too bothered about maintaining the shape and colours of your bouquet then this ancient technique may be the one for you - and again, it's cost effective, too! Layer cardboard, newspaper and tissues on top of each other. On top of that, place the individual flowers you would like to press. Layer more cardboard, newspaper and tissues, in reverse order starting with the tissues, on top of your flowers.

To finish, take the heaviest books you can find at home, place them on the flowers and store the whole stack in a dark, dry room for a couple of weeks. Once dried and pressed, you can stick your flowers down in your wedding album, or frame them along with one of your favorite photos from the day.

3. Dry out your flowers with sand or silica gel

This is perhaps the most technical of methods. Fill a large box with dry sand or silica gel (like the little white packets you get in shoe boxes) and then place your flowers on top. Taking care not to damage the flowers, pour more gel and sand over the top of them, until they are completely covered. Seal the container and then place it in a dark, dry place, such as an airing cupboard, for a week or so.

This method is great for preserving the shape and colour of the flowers, although watch out when handling the silica gel - it can be toxic, so do wear rubber gloves and avoid getting it in your eyes.

4. Make Potpourri

If you are not fussy about your bouquet being kept in its shape, then you could turn it into some beautifully scented potpourri as a keepsake of your big day. Start by removing all of the petals and place them in a bowl. Leave them to dry in a dark place for a couple of weeks.

Once dry, tip them into a beautiful container and add a drop or two of potpourri, flower-scented oil. Choose an oil that reflects the flowers in your bouquet and you will be reminded of your special day by the beautiful scent of your homemade potpourri. 

Visit www.academyofflowers.com to find out more about the Covent Garden Academy Of Flowers' courses.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cake Flowers?

After looking through picture after picture on pinterest, have you found your perfect cake inspiration? Adding flowers to your cake, may be the perfect touch to make it your own.   Check out the inspiration picture a bride brought to me and what our version turned out to be.

Inspiration Picture:

Something New Floral Design and The Lincoln Cake Lady - those are real petals on our cake!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Super Bride Sunday Bridal Fair

We took part in Super Bride Sunday a bridal fair held at the Sandhills Convention Center. We displayed an array of bouquets, centerpiece ideas and boutonnieres in shades of white, pink and peach. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

October 26th, 2013

Baby's breath is a very popular flower choice for brides in their bouquets as well as their bridesmaids.  This wedding from October shows a twist on a baby's breath bouquet, using galax leaves to make small cone like clusters with the baby's breath.

 Bouts using the galax leaves and baby's breath.

 Bridesmaid Bouquets

 Bridal Bouquet with calla lilies, purple stock, white stock, and freesia.

Alter pieces using white hydrangea, white gladiolas and curly willow.

In Memory bouquet with white dahlias.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bright Colors For 2014

One of the biggest trends expected for weddings in 2014 is bright colors.  According to the Knot.com, Brights Are Back
Gone are the days of all-white weddings. This year, big pops of bright hues are back for wedding color palettes. We're not talking about a rainbow of color here. The idea is to take a neutral, muted palette, like whites, ivories and metallic gold, and to add a bold color like poppy red, tangerine or indigo blue. Brides will infuse color into those big details that everyone will see, from a pop of color in all of your florals and incredible colorful sugar flowers to bright nail polish to match. Love this bouquet and the use of all the beautiful bright colors!